Jarrod Lombardo

UX Prototyper - Quality Architect - Convention Planner - Foodie

I fix things. I've worked on many varied projects, often focusing on the user experience. Sometimes it's in software, but could also be between staff and users or attendees, in the case of conventions.


Convention Staffing:

Steam Con is a large-sized (~3600 attendance) steampunk convention held each autumn near Seattle, WA. I act as Hotel Liaison, negotiating contracts, room setups, and general con-related logistics with the hotel staff.
Penny Arcade Expo is a large-sized (~65000 attendance) gaming fan/industry convention held each summer in Seattle, WA. I work with the convention directors, co-managing the volunteer staff of ~450.
Nan Desu Kan is a medium-large (~12000 attendance) anime convention held each autumn in Denver, CO. I co-manage the on-site logistics staff, resolving issues and keeping things organized.
Project A-Kon is a large-sized (~15000 attendance) anime convention held each summer in Dallas, TX. I work with the troubleshooters team to remedy inter-departmental issues and address crowd safety concerns.

Other Interesting Things:

Restaurant Reviews posted at Yelp.com.
Quotes collected over the years.
Relister is a simple Python/Curses app that makes it simple to reorder the lines of flat text files.

I have a personal weblog: Living In Fear Is No Good To Anyone

Feel free to email me: jarrod at network-science.net

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